Vappu 1.5.


In Finland first of May we celebrate finnish worker’s day, in finnish called Vappu. At that day we serve a delicious brunch, which serving times are 10.00 and 13.00. Select a suitable time and book your table by calling number 020 7425 350 or sending e-mail


Sherry herrings and mustard Baltic herrings GF, LF, DF
Herring caviar and boiled eggs GF, LF, DF
Meatballs and chili mayonnaise GF, LF, DF
Green salad and vinegar cucumbers GF, LF, DF, V
Marinated asparagus and potato salad GF, LF, DF, V
Tomato and spring onion salad GF, LF, DF, V
Caesar salad with croutons LF
Basil marinated mozzarella and olives GF
Boiled spring potatoes GF, LF, DF, V
Levain bread and cream cheese with herbs LF
Organic rye bread with butter LF

Main dishes

Oven roasted sea salmon with tartar sauce GF, LF, DF
Slow-cooked breast of beef with creamy pepper sauce GF, LF
Cauliflower curry with lentils GF, LF, DF, V
Potato gratin with butter cheese GF, LF


Apple pie with vanilla sauce LF
Fresh fruit salad GF, LF, DF, V
Quark stuffed doughnuts LL
Sweet assortment GF, LF, DF

29,00 €