Sauna menu

Sauna nibbles to top off the evening

Feel like a bite to eat after your sauna? Order some sauna nibbles for your party in advance. We ask that the order is the same for the entire group. The minimum order is for 6 persons. The order must be made at least two business days before your event.

“Barman’s mix”, Juttutupa’s snack selection 13,90 €
A selection of four delicious snacks.

Sausages for grilling on the fire, 2 sausages per portion, 4 €
A-class, premium sausages that you grill yourself over a fire. With mustard and ketchup.

Chicken caesar salad 16,90 € / person
Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing (incl. anchovies), croutons and parmesan cheese.

Juttutupa’s “take away” pizza
A “take away” pizza from the Juttutupa menu. Price according to the menu.

Sauna drinks

Priced according to consumption.

Sandels III 5,20 €
Iisalmi bottle 5,80 €
Cranberry long drink 6,90 €
Hartwall long drink 7,50 €
Sherwood- cider6,50 €
Fizz – cider 6,00 €
Pepsi max/ mineral water4,50 €