Sauna menu

Sauna menu

Sauna snacks 13,00 € / person
Salted peanuts
Nachos, salsa and guacamole
Marinated olives

Sauna sausages 4,00 € / 2 pcs
A-class grilled sausage to fry yourself in the glow of the sauna room’s fireplace

Also Juttutupa’s à la carte dishes and pizzas. We recommend ordering in advance.

Sauna drinks
Sandels III 6,00 €
Corona Extra 8,00 €
Hartwall Long Drink 8,50 €
Olvi Cranberry Long Drink 8,00 €
Sherwood Cider 7,00 €
Soft drinks from 3,20 €
Non-alcoholic beers and ciders from 4,60 €

We bill drinks according to consumption. Please note that the sauna area is a drinking area, so it is not possible to bring your own drinks.