Minibaari is conveniently located adjacent to the smaller bar of Juttutupa, as its name suggests. The interior courtyard terrace is also right next to this space. Minibaari can be reserved for private use and is best suited for a maximum of approximately 25 people. We do not charge a venue rental fee or require a minimum spending commitment; you only pay for the consumed food and drinks.

Whether it’s a joyful bachelor/bachelorette party, a relaxed after-work moment with colleagues, or a warm and cozy evening gathering with friends, the Minibar provides the perfect setting for shared leisure time.

Feel free to get in touch to reserve the space and discuss the details.
020 7424 240 (ma – pe 9 – 16)

For groups of over 10 people, the Chef’s Recommended Menu is available

Menu Venison 52 €

Wild Mushroom and smoked reindeer soup and rosemary toast L (G)
Pan-fried duck breast with game-cognac cream sauce, roast potatoes and blackcurrant-onion jam LF,GF
Traditional crème brûlée and blackcurrant sorbet LF,GF

Menu Juttutupa
52,50€ fish as a main course
57 € meat as a main course

Toast Skagen: Hand-peeled shrimps in dill-lemon mayonnaise, smoked roe, eggs, fried brioche, and pickled cucumbers LF(GF)
Roasted whitefish, crayfish sauce, almond potato puree, and roasted broccoli LF,GF

Peppery medallions from Finnish beef tenderloin, garlic potatoes and roasted seasonal vegetables LF,GF

Mud cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce LF

Menu Vegetarian 44 €

Goat cheese salad Ll,GF
Mushroom risotto and roasted root vegetables LF,GF
Poached pear Belle Helene, chocolate sauce, toasted almonds, and vanilla custard LF,GF

Menu Vegetarian available as vegan


Toast Skagen as a starter 15,50 € / main course 23,50 €
Hand-peeled shrimps in dill-lemon mayonnaise, smoked roe, eggs, fried brioche, and pickled cucumbers LF (GF)

Caesar salad naturel, croutons, and Parmesan cheese L(GF) incl. fish 12 € / 18 €

Goat cheese salad as a starter 13,00€ / main course 19,00€
Salad with semi-dried tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, and chanterelles, marinated red onion, roasted pine nuts, and raspberry vinaigrette LL,GF, available as vegan

Main courses

Sauteed venison 29,00 €
Almond potato puree, pickles, and lingonberry LF,GF

Moose sausages 22,00 €
Roasted root vegetables, sour cream braised sauerkraut and apple LF,GF

Roasted white fish 29,50 €
Crayfish sauce, almond potato puree, and roasted broccoli LF,GF

Mushroom risotto 23,50 €
Seasonal mushrooms and roasted root vegetables LF,GF (available as vegan)

Juttutupa’s classic hamburger 24,50 €
Finnish Black Angus burger patty (200 g), cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, bacon, salad,
tomato, pickled cucumber, chili mayonnaise, marinated red onion, brioche bun and
French fries LF(GF)

Vegetarian burger 19,90 €
Vegan patty, cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, pickled cucumber, salad, smoked chili tomato chutney,
marinated red onion, aioli and French Fries LF(GF)


Mud cake 10,00 €
Raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream LF

Traditional crème brûlée 10,00 €
Blackcurrant sorbet LF,GF


Il Vegetariana 15,90 €
Champignons, cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, semi-dried tomatoes, house pesto and arugula LF

Italian 17,50 €
Air-dried ham, semi-dry tomatoes, parmesan, arugula and pine nuts LF

Americano 15,50 €
Ham, pineapple and blue cheese L

Frutti di mare 17,90 €
Cold smoked salmon, hand peeled shrimps, red onion, capers, olives and dill LF

Juttutupa 15,90 €
Chicken, blue cheese, pineapple, pickled cucumber and bacon LF

Romero 15,90 €
Salami, pineapple, shrimps, and blue cheese LF

Jänkhä 17,50 €
Cold smoked reindeer, champignons, red onion and sour cream LF

Diavola 15,90€
N’duja – salami, fresh chili, buffalo mozzarella LL

Buffet Minibaari

Classic Caesar salad LF(GF(´)
Warm smoked salmon and potato salad LF,GF
Bread and spread LF

Garden berry pie with coffee & tea

25,00 € / person