Lunch menu: weekdays from 10:30 to 14:00

All our lunch dishes include our homemade bread, a generous salad bar, soup of the day, dessert from the buffet and coffee or tea. If you need more information about allergenic ingredients, our staff will be happy to help you.

Lunch Buffet 10,50 €
Soup of the day 8,90 €

Lunch week 38

MONDAY  16.9.
LUNCH BUFFET                                        10,50€
House meatballs with pepper-cream sauce (LF, GF)
Fried Baltic herrings and sour cream (LF)
Mashed potatoes (LF, GF)
Pureed vegetable soup (LF, GF) (soup only 8,90€)

TUESDAY  17.9.
LUNCH BUFFET                                                          10,50€
Oven baked salmon and shrimp mayonnaise (LF, GF)
Finnish potato hash (MF, LF, GF)
Roasted dill potatoes (MF, LF, GF)
Tomato and goat cheese soup (LL, GF) (soup only 8,90€)                 

LUNCH BUFFET                                         10,50€
Lasagne (LF)
Halloum vegetable bake (LF, G)
Seasoned rice (MF, LF, GF)
Salmon solyanka and sour cream (LF, GF) (soup only 8,90€)

LUNCH BUFFET                                         10,50€
Roasted spring chicken and champignon sauce (LF, GF)
Beetroot goats cheese patties (LF, GF)
Rosemary potatoes (MF, LF, GF)
Traditional pea soup (MF, LF, GF) (soup only 8,90€)  

FRIDAY  20.9.
LUNCH BUFFET                                         10,50€
Minced meat macaroni casserole (LF)
Fishfingers with tartar sauce (LF, GF)
Mashed potatoes (LF, GF)
Cauliflower soup (LF, GF) (soup only 8,90€)

Recommendation of the week:

Lunch salad with optional topping 11,00€:
Chicken, pharma ham, shrimps, cold smoked salmon, mozzarella cheese

Halloum portobello burger with sweet potato fries (LF, GF)  11,00€

Pork escalope a la Oscar and French fries (LF)                    11,50€

Recommendation of the week from a´ la carte menu:

Creamy salmon soup  10,50€

Juttutupa’s classic burger  19,50€

Pizza with two toppings 10,80€

GF = Gluten free
LF = Lactose free
LL = Low lactose
MF = Milk free

Please ask our staff for more information regarding allergies or