Lunch menu: on weekdays from 10:30 to 14:00

Lunch buffet 12,70 €
includes a generous salad table, soup, hot food, coffee & the dessert of the day
Soup lunch 10,90 €
includes a generous salad table, soup, coffee & the dessert of the day

In addition to the lunch menu, our à la carte menu is also available during lunchtime.


Meatballs, creamy onion sauce, and mashed potatoes LF,GF
Oatmeal and lentil balls with creamy onion sauce LF,GF
Beetroot lentil soup V,GF

Crispy cod fillet, horseradish-roasted potatoes, and tartar sauce LF
Vegetable moussaka
Tomato sausage soup L

Happy Independence Day! Juttutupa is closed.

Pork cutlet, potato and cheese gratin, and paprika mayonnaise LF
Crispy vegetable patty L,GF
Traditional pea soup LF,GF with pancakes LF

Oven-baked sausage, onion and bacon casserole, and mashed potatoes L,G
Hällan’s chef’s vegan sausage V
Vegetable borscht soup V,GF with vegan sour cream V,GF

GF = Gluten free
LF = Lactose free
LL = Low lactose
DF = Dairy free

Please ask our staff for more information regarding allergies.