Juttutupa’s game weeks

Juttutupa’s game weeks starting at 15.9.2020

Finnish wild mushroom soup LF (GF) 10,50 €

with rosemary toast

Moose burger LF (GF) 20,50 €
Finnish moose burger (160g), sauteed onions and bacon, smoked cheese, lingonberry mayonnaise, fresh salad, pickled cucumber and French fries

Overnight braised reindeer shank with rosemary sauce LF/GF 25,50 €
Oven baked root vegetables, rosemary sauce and mashed potatoes

Sautéed reindeer from Inari LF/GF 26,90 €
Reindeer stewed in butter with bacon and onion, lingonberries, pickled cucumber and mashed potatoes

Reindeer noisettes (reindeer roast) LF/GF 29,00 €
Sauteed mushrooms and onions, red wine sauce, lingonberries and potato gratin

Game sausages LF (GF) 19,00 €
Apple chutney, oven baked root vegetables, sauteed red cabbage and mashed potatoes

Jänkhä pizza LF 14,80 €
Cold smoked reindeer, champignon, red onion, sour cream

Lingonberry parfait LF/GF 8,50 €
Frozen lingonberries served with hot caramel sauce