For the kids

Kids’ menu

All the kids’ meals include a beverage. Also, some dishes from our à la carte menu can be prepared for children at a discount of 25%.

Kids' menu

Grandma’s meatballs VL 10,00 €
Mashed potatoes, creamy sauce and green salad

Beef steak L, G 10,00 €
French fries and seasoned butter

Juttutupa’s kids’ hamburger of Finnish breed beef L 10,00 €
Finnish breed beef burger steak (100 g), salad, tomato, mayonnaise and French fries

Kids’ pizza 8,50 €
With two optional toppings

G = Gluten free
L = Lactose free
VL = Low lactose
M = Milk free

Please ask our staff for more information regarding allergies or dietary restrictions.