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Eat, drink and live!

Juttutupa offers honest, traditional food that will keep you happy and your body in check even late into the night. There are also plenty of options to quench your thirst and complete your meal!

Menu from first of June.



Green salad DF, GF, VEGAN 4,50 €
Green salad, semi dry cherry tomatoes, cucumber, marinated onions and citrus vinaigrette

Traditional salmon soup LF 10,70 € / 16,50 €
Rye bread and butter

Juttutupa’s shrimp sandwich LF 8,50 €
Pickled cucumbers, semi dry cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, honeydew melon, grilled goat cheese and house vinaigrette

Caesar salad naturel LF 13,90 €
Romaine salad, Caesar mayonnaise (inc. anchovy), bread croutons and parmesan cheese

With optional topping:
Chicken LF, GF + 3,50 €
Goat cheese LL, GF + 3,50 €
Cold smoked salmon LF, GF + 3,50 €



Main courses


Lentil patty burger with guacamole VEGAN 17,50 €
Vegan lentil patty, fresh salad, tomato, pickled cucumber, guacamole, marinated red onion and French fries

Slightly smoked salmon LF,GF 25,50 €
Juttutupa´s potato wedges, wild mushroom sauce and vegetables

Juttutupa´s classic hamburger of Finnish bred beef LF 19,90 €
Finnish Black Angus burger (200g), cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, bacon, fresh salad, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, chili mayonnaise, marinated red onion and French fries

Sautéed reindeer from Inari LF,GF 26,90 €
Reindeer stewed in butter with bacon and onion, lingonberries, pickled cucumber and mashed potatoes

Hunter´s Schnitzel LF 18,20 €
Breaded pork escalope, wild mushroom sauce and French fries

Fried beef liver LF 19,20 €
Red wine sauce, bacon, lingonberries, mashed potatoes and sour cream

Fried vendace fish LF 19,20 €
Mashed potatoes, lingonberries

Grilled marbled beef sirloin LF 28,50 €
Finnish bred sirloin steak (180g), garlic butter, French fries and Caesar salad

Grandma´s meatballs with creamy Jaloviina-brandy sauce LF 17,50 €
Mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers and beetroot

Grilled chicken and goat cheese LL, GF 19,50 €
Chicken fillet, grilled goat cheese, red wine sauce and potato wedges



Il Vegetariana LF 13,50 €
Champignon, cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, cherry tomato, house pesto, arugula

Hipster VEGAN 13,90 €
Vegan cheese, fresh tomato, olives, champignon, red onion, fresh bell pepper

Italian LF 13,80 €
Air-dried ham, sun-dried tomato, parmesan, arugula

Americano LF 12,80 €
Ham, pineapple, blue cheese

Ponttooni LF 13,90 €
Cold smoked salmon, shrimps, red onion, capers, sour cream

Zorro LL 13,80 €
Chorizo, Buffalo mozzarella, red onion, fresh bell pepper

Juttutupa LF 14,20 €
Chicken, blue cheese, pineapple, pickled cucumber, bacon

Romero LF 13,20 €
Salamia, pineapple, shrimps, blue cheese

Jänkhä LF 14,80 €
Cold smoked reindeer, champignon, red onion, sour cream

Mafioso LL 14,50 €
Shrimps, Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, air-dried ham, red onion, capers

Diablo LF 14,50 €
Pepperoni, fresh clili, red onion, ox breast, arugula

Atlantik LF 13,20 €
Tuna, shrimps, fresh dill

Fantasia 2 toppings 12,90 €

Fantasia 4 toppings 14,90 €

Extra topping 2,00 €
Pizza sharing/slicing 1,00 €

Pizza toppings:
Shrimp, cold smoked salmon, chicken, ham, air-dried ham, cold smoked reindeer, salami, chorizo, bacon, pineapple, fresh champignon, fresh tomato, semi dry cherry tomato, red onion, Buffalo mozzarella, blue cheese, pickled cucumber, fresh bell pepper, arugula, sour cream, caper, tuna, feta cheese, olives, parmesan cheese, jalapeno, Vegan cheese (0 €)



Blueberry Pie LF,GF 6,50 €
Blueberry pie, blueberry ice cream, fresh berries, vanilla foam

”Dolze” ice cream scoop 5,50 € / 1 scoop, 8,00 € / 2 scoop
Vanilla (LF, GF), chocolate (LF, GF), flavor of the season, sorbet flavor of the season, vegan ice cream

Revolution menu

Revolution menu

Piece of Juttutupa’s history: ”In the corner of the bar is located the famous table, also known as ‘the revolution table’, where afterwards well-known gentlemen Otto-Ville Kuusinen and V.I. Lenin made their radical plans.”


G = Gluten free L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose M = Dairy free

Please ask our staff for more information regarding allergies or dietary restrictions.