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Eat, drink and live!

Juttutupa offers honest, traditional food that will keep you happy and your body in check even late into the night. There are also plenty of options to quench your thirst and complete your meal!

Valid 4.3.-6.4.



Toast Skagen as a starter 15,50 € / main course 23,50 €
Hand-peeled shrimps in dill-lemon mayonnaise, smoked roe, eggs, fried brioche, and pickled cucumbers LF (GF)

Escargots with garlic and house bread LF (GF) 12,60 € / main course 18,60 €
Blue cheese + 1,50 €

Traditional salmon soup as a starter 14,50 € / main course 19,50 €
Rye bread and butter LF (GF)

Wild mushroom soup and smoked reindeer as a starter 14,50 € / as a main course 19,50 €
Roasted rosemary bread LF (GF)

Goat cheese salad as a starter 13,00€ / main course 19,00€
Salad with semi-dried tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, and chanterelles, marinated red onion, roasted pine nuts, and raspberry vinaigrette LL,GF, available as vegan

Green salad 7 €
Salad with cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, roasted pine nuts, and house vinaigrette DF,GF

Main courses

Main courses

Roasted arctic char 29,50 €
White wine sauce, lemon risotto, and glazed carrots LF,GF

Pan-fried fresh rye-breaded vendace 22,00 €
Mashed potatoes, lemon, and dill butter LF(GF)

Tomato vegetable stew and crispy smoked tofu 23,50 €
Basil risotto and aioli V,GF

Peppery medallions from Finnish beef tenderloin 35,90 €
Garlic potatoes and roasted seasonal vegetables LF,GF

Finnish beef liver 22,00 €
Fried bacon, potato puree, caramelized onions, lingonberries, and red wine sauce LF (GF)

Roasted corn-fed chicken breast 24,50 €
Tomato vegetable ragout, red wine sauce, and roasted potatoes LF,GF

Wiener schnitzel 26 €
Breaded pork tenderloin cutlet, lemon, capers, anchovy, vegetables, and country-style French fries LF

Hunter’s schnitzel 26 €
Breaded cutlet from pork tenderloin, wild mushroom sauce, and country-style fries LF

Juttutupa’s classic hamburger 24,50 €
Finnish Black Angus burger patty (200 g), cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, bacon, salad,
tomato, pickled cucumber, chili mayonnaise, marinated red onion, brioche bun and
French fries LF(GF)

Add on
Chili mayonnaise DF, GF + 1,50 €
Aioli V,GF + 1,50 €
Mayonnaise DF,GF + 1,50 €
Juttutupa’s vodka ketchup + 1,50 €

Vegetarian burger 19,90 €
Vegan patty, cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, pickled cucumber, salad, smoked chili tomato chutney,
marinated red onion, aioli and French Fries LF(GF)



Il Vegetariana 16,50 €
Champignons, cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, cherry tomatoes, house pesto and arugula LF

Italian 17,90 €
Air-dried ham, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, arugula and pine nuts LF

Americano 16,50 €
Ham, pineapple, and blue cheese LF

Frutti di mare 17,90 €
Cold smoked salmon, hand peeled shrimps, red onion, capers, olives, and dill LF

Juttutupa 16,50 €
Chicken, blue cheese, pineapple, pickles, and bacon LF

Romero 16,50 €
Salami, pineapple, shrimps, and blue cheese LF

Jänkhä 17,90 €
Cold-smoked Inari reindeer, fresh mushrooms, red onion, and sour cream LF

Diavola 16,50 €
N’duja – salami, fresh chili, buffalo mozzarella LL

Fantasy 2 toppings 15,50 €
Fantasy 4 toppings 17,50 €
Extra topping 2,50 €
Pizza sharing / slicing 1,00 €

Hand peeled shrimps, cold smoked salmon, tuna, chicken, ham, air-dried ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, fresh champignon, fresh tomato, cherry tomato, jalapeno, red onion, buffalo mozzarella, blue cheese, goat cheese, cheddar from Jukolan Juusto, pickled cucumber, fresh bell pepper, arugula, sour cream, pesto, olive, caper, cold smoked reindeer

Vegan cheese 0 €



Mud cake 10 €
Raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream LF,GF

Traditional crème brûlée 9 €

Vegan carrot cake 10 €
Vanilla foam and orange sorbet V,GF

Suomen Jäätelö Ice Creams and Sorbets
Suomen Jäätelö uses only Finnish cow milk in their ice creams
5,50 € | 1 scoop – 8 € | 2 scoops

Ice Creams: Vanilla, Chocolate
Sorbets: Blackcurrant, Orange
Sauces: Chocolate, Caramel, Licorice, Strawberry


All menus are available at a spring campaign price from March 4th to April 6th, with a 30% discount.*


Menu Juttutupa 41,30 € (59 €)

Toast Skagen, hand-peeled shrimp in dill-lemon sauce, smoked roe, fried brioche, and egg LG (GF)
Peppery beef tenderloin noisettes from Finnish beef, garlic potatoes, and roasted seasonal vegetables LF,GF
Traditional crème brûlée LF,GF

Menu Hakaniemi  36,75 € (52,50 €)

Wild mushroom soup, smoked reindeer, and roasted rosemary bread LF (GF)
Roasted Arctic char, white wine sauce, lemon risotto, and glazed carrots LF,GF
Mud cake, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce LF,GF

Menu Vegetarian 30,80 € (44 €)

Goat cheese salad LL,GF
Tomato vegetable ragout with crispy smoked tofu, aioli and basil risotto V,GF
Carrot cake, vanilla cream, and orange sorbet V,GF

Menu Vegetarian available as vegan

*The offer cannot be combined with discounts or any other promotions

GF = Gluten free LF = Lactose free LL = Low lactose
DF = Dairy free V= Vegan

Some of our dishes can be made gluten-free. Please, ask more from staff. We process grain products in our kitchen and therefore we are unable to guarantee that all ingredients are 100% gluten free.