Ke 11.9 Rytmihäiriöklubi: Lionel Beuvens & MOTU (BEL/FRA/FIN) Klo 21.00

Kalevi Louhivuori – trumpetti, elektroniikka

Alexi Tuomarila – piano

Brice Soniano – basso

Lionel Beuvens – rummut

(Yhteistyössä Wallonie Bruxelles International)

After years of playing as a sideman for numerous jazzmen, drummer Lionel Beuvens brought together noted musicians from the four corners of Europe for a new project commissioned by the Gaume Jazz Festival in 2011. The group consisted of two long-standing friends – the Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila and French double-bassist Brice Soniano – alongside the Finnish trumpet player Kalevi Louhivuori. In 2013, the quartet (initially called the Lionel Beuvens Quartet) released their first album, ”Trinité” on the Igloo Records label. Recognized as an album that grooves, it showed a deep level of writing and enabled the group to tour extensively across Belgium and Europe. The response prompted Beuvens to work on a new repertoire for a second project for the Gaume Jazz Festival in 2015, ”Motu”. The second album, ”Earthsong”, was released in January 2017. It follows in the path of the previous one (a balance between tradition and modernism, with groove). These top european musicians played with people like Tomasz Stanko, Al Foster, Michael Moore, Nelson Veras, Jacques Schwartz-Bart, Joey Baron, Gonzalo Rubalcaba Reggie Washington, Philip Catherine, Anders Jormin…

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.